Always remember let happiness find you Pray for joy. Pray for a healthy mind. Pray for a good heart.

Self love 

” Staying true to self”

I know a lot of people preach about self love. Yatta yatta yatta. But yall not really loving yall selves. I see people get upset at other peoples happiness. I see a lot of y’all shoot down things you should be excited for. I seem many of you take your anger out on other people. All that hate and anger you have stems from unhappiness with self. You’re confused with yourself so everyone else is the problem. When you get to know yourself you will truly have your own mind. What do you like what interests you? Do you even like being alone? When you find that comfort zone you can find a source of happiness. You stop putting so much focus on everyone elses actions and all energy is placed on self. Then gradually things start to work in your favor. You must first love yourself. It sounds so easy but its the hardest thing to do. Learn you in and out what makes you happy what makes you sad. What you no longer enjoy being around. Things you like to do not just for money or popularity but for your soul.




The number one reason self love is so important is b/c that weird person you think you are. That music you like, the books you love to read, the art you’re interested in whatever it might be there are people out there that fit you like a puzzle and like it too. Thats why its important to stay true to self. You are going to miss out on the people you want to be around trying to get the acceptance of everyone else.


Self awareness

Living In the Moment 


Self awareness is living in the moment taking it for what is it. And becoming aware of the reason youre doing some thing. Take a moment, wherever you are and ask yourself what am I doing and where do I plan to be. Be aware of how you spend money and if it has any long term beneficial reward. If it only makes you happy for short term you might want to consider letting it go. Be aware how you talk to others and if your communication needs to be improved. How do others feel after you speak to them. Be aware of how you feel. Are you happy or sad more often than you should be? Try to speak to everyone better even if you do not want to. The energy you put in the universe gets reflected back to you.


You must be in-sync with your mind to read your heart

img_1937Practice meditation. Download the calm app and listen to the gentle breeze. Take a second to breathe and realize where you are. Just feel your hands your toes. Breathing in and out move the way your body carries you. Meditation provides a connection with the mind and the body. It allows you to unlock that self awareness. Helping you to make better choices, better habits, and a better connection with self. You can also try yoga. Moving around a lot its always beneficial to find a practice that helps you to unwind and clear your mind. Realize where you are in this moment feel the breeze, feel the chair, enjoy the colors that you see and take the action to continue the rest of your day. Whenever you have a moment take a few seconds to breathe in and out clear your mind and keep going. It helps to improve your mood.


If you really want to extend your path to happiness and working with things like anxiety here are a few more tips.

1.Read your bible. Or fully practice whatever spiritual things you’re into. (You do not have to be religious)

2. Read Podcast. Check out Therapy for Black Girls by Joy Harden Bradford or She’s Beauty and the Beast by Tracy G.

3. Exercise. Its a great way to clear your mind.

4. Always remember to pat yourself on the back. Keep going do not give up. You deserve it all.

5. Eating right! Eating is a big part of your mood health and mind. Don’t forget the fruits and veggies.



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