Once I was in an elevator and the lady who had got on made a comment. She said “wow I should have took the stairs” I was puzzled because the elevator was going down. I said to her you only have to take the stairs going up there is no benefit when you’re going down. It is actually quite funny because I seen her the other day getting on the elevator and I asked was she going to take the stairs and she laughed and said I will on the way back up.

Taking the stairs up is an analogy to life. What benefit does taking the stairs down have if you haven’t even practiced going up? Think about it in relation to your body. Which one is more beneficial. The walk up or the walk down? The walk up is so crucial so hard when all you’re thinking about is the many more flights you have to go. But think about the self reward you have after you made it to the top. A little tired, that’s ok but glorious. I know no one enjoys the walk down either or the “bad days” is what I like to relate it to but those times come when we must go down those stairs. See but the down is only significant if the climb back is more powerful. Without that climb up the walk down is just a pop down the stairs, you don’t even count the flights. So why focus so much on the fall down when you have not even prepared yourself to get back up. You have not even practiced the hard part. The hard part is climbing those three flight of stairs. Then when you think about the bottom of those stairs and maybe have to start over again you won’t be afraid of going back up because you have mastered it. If we are comparing this with life, things get tough. Work gets tough, school gets tough, our relationships get tough. But the hardships only overcome our success when we haven’t practiced climbing those stairs enough. The wrong thinking is that you must work 40 percent and rest 60. Or any other ratio where the work is less than the rest or even equal. Its just simply not right. Success is a full time sacrifice. Not being afraid to fail. Not being scared of the going down. Not stopping because things get hard. And most definitely not relying so much on the simple part. Falling is so simple. Its the most simplest thing you can do. “Let go” pop down those stairs. But that’s not what winners do. When we think of stairs we think of the climb up. The climb down is not even important to us. We think about each flight up. Today 3 tomorrow 5. And when you have mastered those stairs, when you have mastered overcoming fear, when you have mastered seeing yourself in a certain position and then doing the work to put yourself in that place. You can be successful in any endeavor you chose to pursue. It all starts with you. It all starts with the stairs. It all starts with thinking up.

6 thoughts on “Taking the Stairs Up

      1. I think it was good and I understand it. Knowing that you can’t give up on your dreams because life gets hard 😊 Very good can’t wait for the next one ☝️

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