Often times us women tend to give out all our love and never receive anything in return. To family , to friends, to lost or current lovers. You try to fix everybody but only end up losing yourself. But oh darling you should never lose yourself trying to fix everyone else. See I do so much in a days times, so much crying, so much working, so much school. What good have I done? Am I really doing any good at all? Questions I had to stop and ask myself. See this love letter is not just about bragging its about recognition. Admiration for all the things I forget to see. A remembrance for all the things I want to be. SO…

Dear Imani,

You know you are going to win because you put God above anything else like no one I have ever seen. Your smile lights up a room. Almost like your presence gives life to the world. Imani I wonder what makes you go? What keeps you pushing forward? What makes you so happy? The way you push all the negative thoughts away to put a smile on the face of others is so amazing. You are so amazing.

Did you know I love you girl? I love your hair, your corny jokes, and your silly dance moves when no ones watching. I love your teeth that are too big and your little tiny finger nails. You know how your feet sometimes look too big or your stomach sits out? I love that too. I admire your drive, your ambition. I love the smell of your natural hair. The way you smell like paradise and wonder. I love the look in your eyes when you tell a story. Or how you listen so intensely when someone’s talking. Or how vibrant you are when no ones watching. How everyone stopped believing but you still believe. Yes there is love in the world.

You are the love in the world. Your spirit so joyous and childlike always up in arms to those who try to tell you that’s not the way to be. See with that smile, and those tears that come so frequently at night and wiped away by morning, you secretly will change the world. I REPEAT ONE DAY YOU WILL CHANGE THE WORLD.

Funny enough some of these words were things I wished others would have said to me. A few words so short and simple. Appreciation for what I was doing. In relationships, in friendships I always tried to find others who loved me more than I loved myself. I just would go day to day without loving myself. I’m still trying to learn how to love myself fully but damn at a point I didn’t even like me. I could have at least liked me. I constantly wanted to change every aspect of who I was: my identity, skin color, hair texture when in reality there was really nothing wrong. Have you ever went to bed crying to God? Asking him why did he make you this way. Praying by the morning or maybe one day you could be worth something. Damn that shit really is a fucked up feeling. I’m saying y’all that is a really a fucked up feeling. How did I survive feeling like that?

You yourself should have a love letter appreciating you. Everyday you should wake up and see how beautiful you are, how strong you are, and how these men out here don’t stand a chance. To those wiped tears and long, long nights, and secrets only you keep.  It took me a long time but I realized no ones going to appreciate you like yourself. I always wanted this constant admiration from others. I never received it. So I gave it to me. I would write in my notes things I have accomplished or just positive notes. And whenever I would break down crying I would have to reread, reread and reread. See because now things are changing and self love is the best love. And nothing makes me feel more complete knowing that I got someone on this earth who loves me more than anything. ME!

        I want to know 5 things you love about yourself? 5 goals you have? Something about you no one else knows but you. WRITE YOUR LOVE LETTER!

16 thoughts on “A Love Letter To Myself and Why Every Girl Should Write One.

      1. Love love love your love letter ,you got my mind going with all the things I wanna say about myself


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