Olivier Rousteing Documentary: Wonder Boy

There are many new and old complexities in the fashion industry. It seems that the industry is becoming more common nowadays for people to embrace who they are. This factor is more apparent in the way companies are marketing themselves and coming to be more inclusive. In parallel with the embrace of different cultures, body…

Rihanna’s impact in the fashion industry

When it comes to fashion, beauty and overall bad-assness, there is one person who we all admire: Rihanna Fenty. The Barbadian icon has paved the way for women and people of color in almost every industry. She has transformed her enormous popularity from her music career into a billion-dollar empire. Newly labeled “the richest woman…

Healthy Mind: Tips to Finding Your Way

Always remember let happiness find you Pray for joy. Pray for a healthy mind. Pray for a good heart. Self love  ” Staying true to self” I know a lot of people preach about self love. Yatta yatta yatta. But yall not really loving yall selves. I see people get upset at other peoples happiness….


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